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  • Vad är Wingsurfing
    Wingsurfing är en vattensport som kombinerar kraften hos en drake och en surfbräda. Wingsurfing har blivit allt mer populärt på senare tid då det är ett roligt sätt att utöva sporten även när det inte är tillräckligt starka vindar för traditionell vindsurfing eller kitesurfing.
  • Vad är Wingfoil
    Wingfoil är en relativt ny vattensport som kombinerar wingsurfing och foiling. Det innebär att man står på en liten surfbräda med en vinge (wing) i handen, precis som vid wingsurfing, men istället för en vanlig surfbräda har man en foilboard.
  • Vad är Foilbräda eller Foilboard
    En foilbräda, eller foilboard, är en typ av surfbräda som har en "foil" eller "hydrofoil" monterad under den. Foilen är en slags vinge eller fena som skapar lyftkraft när brädan får tillräckligt med fart. När brädan lyfter från vattenytan minskar friktionen och man kan glida fram över vattnet med högre hastighet och mindre ansträngning än med en vanlig surfbräda.
  • Vad är en foil
    En foil, eller hydrofoil, är en slags vinge eller fena som monteras under ett objekt, vanligtvis en surfbräda eller wingbräda. Foilen är designad för att skapa lyftkraft när objektet rör sig framåt i vattnet vilket minskar friktionen och ger ökad hastighet och effektivitet. När en foil monteras under en surfbräda, till exempel, kan man uppleva en helt annan känsla på vattnet då brädan lyfter från ytan och glider fram på en smal, stabil och effektivt skärande yta
  • Är det svårt att foila
    Foiling kräver vanligtvis lite mer erfarenhet och teknik än traditionell surfing, men kan ge en helt ny upplevelse av att glida fram på vattnet eller flyga genom luften.
  • Vad är Wing
    Wing till den handhållna draken eller vingen som används för att få vindkraft och driva framåt på en foilboard. Wings används istället för traditionella drakar eller segel. En wing är vanligtvis uppbyggd av ett uppblåsbart eller fast membran och har handtag för att ge enkel kontroll. Wingfoil har blivit allt mer populärt på senare tid och är en spännande blandning av vattensporter som wingsurfing och foiling.
  • What clothes do I need on a kitesurfing course?
    In Sweden, you need a wetsuit for basically the whole year. There are different types and thicknesses to choose from depending on the temperature in the water and on land. A wetsuit is usually 5/3 because when the water is more like 8 degrees, when it is colder than that you can use 6/4 with an integrated hood. However, there are many options, so call and talk to the instructor before the course. Wingsurfcenter also has wetsuits that you can borrow for the kitesurfing or wingsurfing course.
  • What happens if there is no wind on the course day?
    We apply Wind Guarantee We give courses when there are good conditions for the activity and course elements we are going to carry out. Which means that we guarantee the surfing students a wind guarantee. If there is no wind, or it fails during the course, we cancel and continue at the next agreed time when there are good wind conditions.
  • What equipment do I need on the surf course?
    We provide the equipment you need for the surfing course. In our surfing courses we always use modern safe equipment that is suitable for you as a surfing student. We have course surfing equipment in many sizes: + wet suits, wet shoes + kite harnesses + kites and booms. + surfboards + helmets and life jackets What we recommend you bring with you: + Clothes according to weather forecast, warm clothes, sunscreen, sunglasses, cap or sun hat. + A dry change in a bag. + Food that is easy to eat. Energy bars, fruit, nuts, etc. At most teaching locations where we conduct surfing courses, it is a good distance to the nearest eatery or shop. Remember that, you are usually also dressed in a wetsuit when we eat lunch or take a lunch break. + Water. + Towel and swimwear. + Something good to end each course 😊 Like a fruit, chocolate or similar
  • Can children and young people take surfing lessons?
    We have Surf courses for different ages We provide surfing courses for the following age categories: + Young people over 12 + Adults + Pensioners We adapt our surfing course to each age category Our surf instructors have undergone a seperate training to teach children and young people.
  • Can I use my own equipment on the surf course?
    Yes, it is fine to use your own kitesurf or wingsurf equipment. We will make sure it is ok and if something is missing you can borrow it from us
  • Should I choose an inflatable or hard Wingsurfing/Wingfoiling board
    I will start with Wingsurfing/Wingfoiling. But I'm still choosing between an inflatable wingsurfing/wingfoiling board or a hard board. It seems that inflatables stick to the water more, but they cost less and are more convenient to transport. What do you recommend? The inflatable boards stick to the surface a little more than a hard one. The difference is especially when you take off, once you're in the air it's the same. Otherwise, the inflatables are good for beginners: absorb shocks well, don't hurt as much when you tumble. On the water, an inflatable, compared to a rigid, has a tendency to catch the wind when it is more windy, due to the profile and the weight, and it can be perceived as less efficient especially in terms of speed, precision in the turns. The biggest advantage of inflatables is that they save space, for example when travelling. However, you have to remember that you need to pump it up every time. So if you have space, don't travel a lot, that if you Wingarsurf regularly during the year (several times a month) then a hard wingsurfing board is recommended,
  • Wingsurfing equipment - What should I start with buying?
    Given the price of a Wingsurfing, WingFoil package easily ends up at around SEK 25,000- 30,000 and that there are many options. Wingsurf specialists, Kite brands, Foil brands. What should I start buying as the market is not yet technologically mature and there will still be many developments to come, it is difficult to know what to invest in. Not so interested in buying beginner equipment that you outgrow after a few months. You can get a new Wingsurfing equipment for about SEK 20,000 if you look around on the Internet. But you also get what you pay for and there is good quality and worse quality. As the sport is relatively new, there is a small selection on the used market. So the resale value of a piece of equipment you buy today does not depreciate that much over the course of a season When it comes to technical development, Foil and the boards are relatively developed, regarding the Wings, maybe things will happen in the next few years. But the longer you wait, the less time you get on the water.
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